Our Reopening is FINALLY here!!!

We want to take a moment to thank everyone who supported us these past few months during the closure. This has been truly a challenging time for many of us and we are humbled on the outpour of support we have received from our Wolfpack Family and our fitness community during this time. We can't wait to see all your smiling faces walk through our doors again! 


For all previous and non-members who are ready to join a fitness program, take appropriate precautions, and begin working on your health and fitness goals again, we invite you in with open arms. We want you to feel welcome walking through our doors while knowing we will stand by your side every step of the way as you make your transition into our health club. 


Our Official Reopening is Friday June 12, 2020. Being a private training facility gives us many advantages in comparison to big corporate facilities that are structured to accommodate the masses. As a member of our facility you can ensure a clean, safe, and capacity regulated environment. We offer self scheduling workouts that are lead by our training staff and have sanitation protocols that are implemented to have you using equipment that is clean, sanitized, and safe upon each use. Our welcoming and family oriented environment is sure to keep you motivated and excited to come in each and everyday, as you work toward your health and fitness goals.


Here Is An Overview of Our Facility Programs 
•Personal Training
•Open Gym Access
•6 Week Program

Please keep in mind that we are a personal fitness facility and not a corporate gym. We work personally with our clients providing guidance and program planning to reach your health and fitness goals. Every client that walks through our doors has a unique and personal health circumstance that they are seeking to improve on. Bootcamp and Open gym rates below are our current Reopening Rates. Personal Training Program rates below reflect an “overview” and can be used to get a general cost breakdown. We can only quote Personal Training Program rates after meeting in person with prospective clients during a health/ fitness consultation where we can provide current program duration recommendation and workout frequency. 


Personal Training Includes:

•1-on-1 (1 hour sessions)
•dedicated meal plan
•routine weight and bodyfat testing
•routine body measurements
•personal scheduling upon your availability


Personal Training Rates:

Rates range from $30-65 per hour based on program package, workout frequency (sessions per week), and program term length (month/months commitment)

Schedule your health/ fitness consultation by clicking the link below or texting our client service line at 626-478-2005


Bootcamp Program Includes:

•45min group sessions led by our amazing trainers
(see bootcamp schedule attached below)
•routine weight and bodyfat testing
•Open gym access during operation hours- 24 Session Membership ONLY (see hours attached below)

•Self scheduling sessions


Bootcamp Program Rates:

24 Sessions Per Month

$167 per month (12 month term) 

$0 Initiation- Valid until July 31, 2020

12 Sessions Per Month

$119 per month (12 month term) 

$0 Initiation- Valid until July 31, 2020

10 Session Class Pass

$199 per month (Month-to Month) 

$0 Initiation- Valid until July 31, 2020


Open Gym Access Rates:

$49 per month (12 month term)

$0 Initiation- Valid until July 31, 2020

6 Week Program Overview:


Our 6 week program is application based you must apply for the program with the link below so our staff can meet with you for orientation in person and conduct a health/fitness consultation to determine if you qualify for our 6 week program. We determine your qualification by assessing your current weight and bodyfat %. Enrollment in this program does require a commitment deposit and specifics on that deposit will only be given at orientation if you qualify. All successful clients will additionally be offered exclusive bootcamp program rates if they choose to continue after initial 6 weeks.


6 Week Program Includes:

•Workouts that excite, delight and actually provide results (see bootcamp schedule below)
•Custom Meal Plans That Don’t Taste Like Cardboard

•Personal Accountability Coaches For Guidance

•A Down To Earth, Fun Loving, Community Of Peeps Who Support Each Other

•A Grocery Shopping List And Restaurant Ordering Guide

•An Online Group To Motivate And Educate

Everyone is like family at our gym and it feels like a second home.

Come on in today and grab your free orientation voucher it takes 30seconds to do so.


Click The Link below to claim your orientation voucher and start slimming down today!

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