Nothing is more important to us then the satisfaction of those we work with. Below are just a few of the many positive messages we've received from our clients.


"These guys are awesome. Customer service is their number one priority from the moment you walk in there. The gym and the facility is brand new with lots of new equipment and lots of parking. I did personal training with Robert. He did an amazing job for me. He designed a specific meal plan for me and did the training according to my needs. The fee was very competitive compared to other training places that I have been to."

- Dr. Pedram Zaghi


"This place is the place to be if you want to get a good workout in. Its not like other gyms where it gets boring from doing the same old machines over and over again they have countless number of things that you could workout with.  I think the best thing I can say about this place is that you get the vibe that the personal trainers there really do care! One of the very first things I remember hearing when I joined this gym is that they wanted to give back to the community and that has really stuck with me. All in all if you want to get a good workout in and you want to have the support around you from people that genuinely do care join this gym.... I know I have already told all my family an friends."

- Manuel M.


"Yesterday was my first day and first workout at Wolfpack Fitness. I just started my six week challenge journey. I want to be my very best for my 58th birthday in September. I think the manager and the staff that I've met so far they've been very friendly, extremely helpful, and accommodating!"

- Joel Garza Reta


"Yesterday was my first day at Wolfpack. The receptionist was really helpful and friendly, and gave me plenty information to start my routine. I was doing crossfire at another gym, but Wolfpack works totally different, plus they provide you with a diet because that's the key to success. Exercise + a healthy diet that's why I give a 5 stars to Wolfpack. I totally recommend this place!"

- Martha Carrera Lauro


"This place is definitely the best at getting your cardio game up into the next level... extreme level! I go to the gym for weight training regularly but I must admit my cardio is not up to par. Coming here I'm pushed, encouraged and I'm definitely exhausted and soaked in sweat when the hour cardio class is done. I would definitely encourage anyone who is ready to step their fitness game up to join! :)"

- Lidice Diaz


"Kicked me in the butt and I loved it! Highly recommend them. My son (4yrs old) and I trained same evening. Awesome experience!"

- Catherine V. 


WolfPack Fitness is the best gym in the SGV- period. The facility, trainers, fellow trainees, technology used to sign up for classes and monitor progress, music, and overall vibe are top-notch! 

I met with Rob, checked out the facility, and decided to sign up for the 6-week challenge after a two-year hiatus from the gym. I was hooked after my first workout. The workouts are always different, will target various muscles,  and will make you sweat, regardless of your fitness level. The majority of my sessions took place with Jesus, who was always energetic and positive during the group sessions. One thing I enjoyed witnessing was the growth and comradery that emerged among the group. 

After six weeks, I lost 5.5% of body fat and 5 lbs. Unfortunately, what they can't measure is confidence levels and the sense of accomplishment after being a part of something so awesome like the six-week challenge. If you are the least bit interested in signing up, DO IT! You'll be hooked and keep going back for more!

- Brian P.


Rob & the Wolfpack crew knew exactly how to whip me into shape! It was tough, but I completed their 6-week fitness + weightloss program & am super stoked on the results. It's put me back on the right path & I feel more equipped than ever to live my best life. Best gym/ cross training classes in El Monte/ Los Angeles area. Highly recommended!

- JD R.


It's so refreshing to start a bootcamp when you don't feel motivated to workout on your own. I love HIIT workouts because I feel that's when I burn fat the quickest and sweat the most. Three of my favorite things about Wolfpack are:

1. It's a community & support system! Everyone here wants the best for you and is always cheering you on. It's so inspiring to connect with the members because we are all working towards similar fitness goals. 
2. I love the morning classes. It gave me so much energy. I was literally radiating positivity into the world!! I never thought I'd wake up at 5:30 am for a workout. The endorphins were addicting! 
3. The owner, Robert is killing it!  He is running a great gym. He cares a lot and is always thinking of the next step to make the gym a better experience for you! Smart guy. 

I highly recommend this to someone who is ready for a transformation and needs that push in the right direction!

-Annie C.



This is one of the best gyms I've been to. I participated in the 6 week challenge and it was the greatest thing I've done for my self. I lost 24.8 lbs and 7.8% body fat. Everything was personalized for me all I had to do was stay committed to the boot camp classes and my meal plan. I enjoyed the training alongside the rest of the members and the trainers were very motivational. If you're looking to feel good about yourself and obtain healthy, positive habits I recommend this challenge.

-Alfredo R.


Thank you Wolfpack for an amazing 6 weeks!  I lost 22lbs!!I am a business owner,  wife,  mother of 2 in her 40's!!  I succeeded thanks to the meal plans, the workouts and your support!  I highly recommend it to kick start a healthier you! Get to it!

-Cecilia U.

Local gym with great people and great environment.

I came across Wolfpack Fitness through Groupon and decided to try out their bootcamp classes since my membership at another facility came to an end. 

Coming from something similar, I have to say that I truly enjoy the trainers, facility, and environment at the Wolkpack.

Trainers - The facility only has a handful of trainers, but each and every one of the will push and kick your butt for the ENTIRE hour that you are there. Because the classes are capped at 17 people, there is no place to hide. I appreciate the smaller classes as the trainers were able to focus on each person in the class. You can also tell that a lot of thought is put into each class. 

Facility - The facility is small and always well kept! I've personally have seen management continue to invest in the facility from new equipment and to facility upgrades. Oh, and did I mention there's AC?! A must especially during the hot summer days! 

Environment - Yes, when you're working out, the last thing you want to do is probably talk to someone as you're sweating your face off, but you can't help but feel good when you're surrounded by positive people. From the front desk, trainers and members, everyone is very positive and encouraging. 

Three weeks into my bootcamp Groupon, I decided to join the Wolfpack's 6 week challenge. I've participated in something similar about 1.5 years ago, but found that the tailored meal plans gave me much more flexibility, making it easier to stick to my plan. Also, I appreciated the way the challenge was formatted in terms of its private facebook group and the terms of the challenge - allowed to workout at other facilities, not publicly checking in or changing our profile picture etc. At the end, I felt that what we were expected to do was more for ourselves versus advertising for the Wolfpack. 

I highly recommend anyone who is looking to start or continue with their fitness journey at the Wolfpack with people who are there to help you reach your goals.

-Karen H. 



I joined the 6 week challenge back in June 2018. It was by far, one of the best decisions I made. I lost a total of 15.1lbs and 4.1% Body Fat. All the trainers are great and are always pushing you to your full potential. They truly do care about helping you reach your goals. I have worked with other trainers, but they don't deliver results like the WPF family does. I am ready to jump back on board on join! 


- Gabriela M.


Great place to work out. The staff are friendly and the place is clean. I joined the 6 week challenge and after seeing results I decided to come back.

- Carlos C.


I had such an amazing experience doing the 6 week challenge. I loved the motivation that I received not only from the trainers but also from other people within the class. The challenge has got me back on track with my fitness goals and has given me the tools I needed to continue this journey on my own. Every time I had a question about something Robert was always there to answer it and guide me in the right direction. It is definitely a gym that I would highly recommend. All the trainers are great and you definitely come out of class feeling like you had a really good workout.

- Celenia G.



I met with Robert at WolfPack Fitness around the middle of August. I scheduled an appointment because I wanted to see if he thought I was a good candidate. Robert listened to my story and told me what WPF had to offer. I left that same day signed up for the 6 week challenge. Being very over weight and not having worked out in over 2 years I was scared and embarrassed. Before my first workout I had a weigh in with Sharron and she was so pumped for me that it changed my mood around. Today I had my last class for the 6 week challenge and I'm truly going to miss it. Luckily the gym offered me a great deal so I could continue my journey. You won't find stuck up trainers here or anyone who makes you feel bad about yourself. The staff pretty much knows you on a first name basis and is always helpful and friendly. I especially owe a lot to and commend Anthony on the progress I've made with being able to work out. He's pushed me and encouraged me to challenge myself every class even if it meant he had to run with the group. The rest of the gym members are also great! Robert makes it clear in orientation that there is no negativity and honestly there never was. Class members always encouraged each other and give you support as well. This experience was everything, so glad I found this gym.

- Hilda V.


I love this Gym, there are plenty of free weights and squat racks. If you're new to fitness sign up for the classes, they will teach you!! Don't be afraid to come in and work out. All the veterans there are super friendly and will give you really good tips and tricks.

- Aaron S.


I have been coming here for a good consistency of 3 months and still coming back so that says a lot from me since I am very quickly move on if i don't like something about it. The main reason I started here was because of PT. They also offer group classes on a daily basics. 

It isn't bad but there are times where it does get packed where you would have to park in the streets. But it isn't a big deal. 

Facility and Equipment:
It is a pretty small gym compared to others out there but they keep it as clean as they can of course if you use an equipment right after someone else uses it that can't be helped. The exciting thing is that they got a lot of new equipment from the new year. 2 new cardio machines, a handful of leg machines, and new benches. 

The trainers:
There are 4 trainers and they all participate in conducting the group classes and PT. Since this is a small gym there is no way you can escape from not knowing them. They are the most encouraging and supporting people. If there are questions about for, how to use the machine, or even eating they are more than happy to answer the questions. They are a great bunch of people to know even in a causal environment. 

This is a small gym so everybody knows everybody indirectly. Not just the trainer offer the support and encouragement but the people that goes to the gym give kind words of praises. What I really like is that they reach out to the community and the surrounding high schools. Overall, this is a great gym to come to and get an good workout in with the classes or even PT. Highly recommend to at least try out the classes. These people are there with you on your journey to a healthier lifestyle.

- Cindy L.


Challenge accepted. 

We absolutely love this gym, made up of awesome native El Monte boys & excellent customer service. Always looking out for the client's best interest & results! 

Keeping it real.

- Veronica C. 


This gym is perfect for anyone who would like to see big changes in their physique! I lost a lot of weight, but was plateauing and needed something new in my workout regime.. So when I heard about this gym I thought it would be the perfect place. They have bootcamp style workouts that really target all your body and are never boring. Also if you don't have time to make your meals they prepare them for you! This is such an amazing gym, the trainers care about you and want you to have the best healthy body! If you are dedicated and looking for a big change in your body not only the way you look but health wise and the way you feel, you need to check out Wolfpack fitness! It is amazing, you won't regret it. Also personal training is the way to go if you don't like working out in big class settings! :) 

But check them out, you have nothing to lose, just everything to gain, health, nice body and great attitude because you feel good!

- Vanessa M.


I love this personal gym. All I have to say is that I am Getting the results I need for my summer body !  Its not crowded and the guys are All Amazing at getting me where I want to be..Remember No Pain No Game.

- Everardo S.



Small gym but has everything you need to get in shape.  It was my first opportunity to take one of their classes and I thought I was ready due to having done Insanity and doing lot's of running.  I think this was one of the toughest classes that I've taken and I can see how consistent workouts like this can bring results.  Looking forward to doing another one of their classes and likely soon being a member.

If you want a workout that will push you to your limits then this is the gym to go to.

- Javier P.


This is spot is the bomb!!! Had a really good work out last time I went...I do want to continue to work out and bring my girlfriend as well...Thank you guys for an awesome work out!!!!

 - Junior B.


Great workout,  never a boring class,  always mixing it up, clear understanding of all workouts and routines.  Awesome friendly staff (that's actually in shape)
And best of all I never feal lost,  or like I'd I don't know what to do. They tale awesome cate of you and answer all of your questions.  Love the kids class,  that's right "kids class". My lil ones workout at the same time add me.  Love it

- Veronica R.


none of those gym compared to what they  doing these guys are awesome is not a boring class i tried that class from 8;300pm to 9;30 pm the instructor is AWESOME NEVER LEAVE YOU BEHIND if you have any questions  the answers you kindly
I loved it, will keep going. Awesome instructor and get you  motivation!!!

- Karen M.


Kicked me in the butt and I loved it! Highly recommend them. My son (4yrs old) and I trained same evening. Awesome experience!

- Catherine V.


So before I start with my review, let me just say a few things about myself. I'm 32 years old with Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis. I have lost my ability to walk a few times, went blind from one eye, can't be exposed to constant heat, and I have vertigo. With that being said, I shouldn't even be going to such an intense type of gym, but I do because I'm cool like that lol (btw, I got cleared through my doctor and the staff is aware of my condition). My point though is if I can do it, so can all you of able-body. You can give your bad reviews all you want and a million excuses, but at the end of the day, you are responsible for what you do or do not do. 

Ok so I would still consider this a baby gym because they're fairly new. Still developing and fine-tuning as best they can to meet the goals for their clients...fitness and health! This week they did some upgrades and layout change. Very nice! ;)

I have to start with my MOST favorite thing about this gym. What I love about Wolfpack Fitness is the youth program they run. Instead of having a child care where the kids just sit around and pull each other's hair, they have a trainer, Kaaz, that does workouts with the kids. Last night he taught them about nutrition. The kids have sooo much fun! They each go at their pace, but I know these kids work hard! Wolfpack makes it fun for them so the kids want to return. None of them look like they're there against their own will. 

I have been a client for only 3-4 months. The first time I stepped foot was to do one of their classes with Mark (awesome trainer). It was intense! I couldn't keep up because I was extremely out of shape and just a big fat blob. The trainers encourage you to give your best, your 100% (and of course that varies for each person). They don't expect you to keep up with them nor to be like anyone else, but they do expect you to give it a good try. Why else would you step into a gym if you plan on doing the bare minimum or not try a move at all (I never understood that), but if you try and can't get it, trust me it's ok!!! You will get it one day if you're consistent. 

Everyone was super nice! Everyone from their clientelle to the staff and trainers. I was amazed at how encouraging the members were not just in the class, but within the entire complex. You don't get that at a regular chain type of gym. So after the class, I left barely able to walk (I swear it's the best feeling on earth because I knew I got my fat butt off the couch to do something for my health).

I went back the next day to a later class, with Andrew. I could barely move from the soreness from the day before. Nonetheless I went back! Don't know how I survived that but I did. Again, it was probably everyone being so nice and encouraging. Andrew is super awesome! His class was crazy intense, but again you are encouraged to go at your pace, giving your 100%. I'm smart enough to know that in a big group setting, the trainers/intructors can't usually cater to each single person (it would take forever!), but they try as best as they can at this gym. That night Andrew offered a free personal training session (the other trainers were doing the same). If you need something more personalized then this is the way to go. The exercise part isn't the only thing you get, you also discuss nutrition and food options. It has been the best decision of my life! It's been tough. I've even cried once or twice, but I guess I don't have quit in me. 

And that's all I have to say about :)

- Mary C.



I have been going to this gym for over 3 months.  I have noticed significant improvement in my endurance, strength, and mindset.  It has been a great experience so far.  This review is specifically related to the cross-training classes offered at this gym.
Overall, the classes are challenging and well-worth the money.  The gym offers an unlimited amount of classes Monday through Saturday, for a reasonable price.
The trainers are great at building rapport with their clients.  They all have different strengths and no workout is ever the same.  It is evident that they care about who walks in the door.  I have attended classes with all of the trainers, but I have a preference for the 5:00 pm and 6:30 pm classes.
The morning trainer Robert provides a challenging workout.  He takes his job seriously and pushes you to your limits.  He has a no BS style and makes you leave your excuses at the door.  If your schedule permits a morning class, I recommend his.
The latest class is ran by George.  He is great!  I have attended this class once, and it was cardio intensive.  If you are looking for high-intensity or interval training, I recommend this class.  
Dorian is personable and there is never a dull moment during his class.  He does a lot of leg and glute work, and his workouts are creative and well-thought out.  He pushes you to work muscles you didn't even know you had!  His classes are challenging, but enjoyable because of the energy he brings into them.  He is good-humored and super friendly.  
Juan is the gem of the gym.  He runs evening classes and the Saturday morning class.  He also runs the youth classes.  He is the epitome of an amazing trainer, and a good person overall.  He is passionate and cares about his clients.  He takes his time to push and motivate you.  Juan is generous with his time, which is pretty rare for trainers who are so busy.  If you reach out to him and are serious about your goals, he will help you.  He goes above and beyond, and he will hold you accountable for giving your full potential.

- Evelyn E.


Im happy these guys are up on yelp I been wanting to write a review so that people can have a chance to see that this place is the place to be if you want to get a good workout in. Its not like other gyms where it gets boring from doing the same old machines over and over again they have countless number of things that you could workout with. I think the best thing I can say about this place is that the you get the vibe that the personal trainers there really do care one of the very first things I remember hearing when I joined this gyms is that they wanted to give back to the community an that has really stuck with me. All in all if you want to get a good workout in an you want to have the support around you from people that genuinely do care join this gym ...... I know I have already told all my family an friends

- Manuel M.

I came here today for a CrossFit class and I can definitely say the class was challenging but definitely worth it. The trainer definitely pushed me and was very helpful as he showed me how to do the exercises until I was able to correctly perform them. The class was a lot of work but I felt so proud that I was able to do it. Definitely recommend for all and any. Wolfpack!

- Britney M.



Awesome gym! Everybody is nice and down to earth and the trainers/owners are always willing to help and guide you, this is specially a must when you're a beginner like me. I gotta say my favorite thing about the gym is the kids classes! My daughter goes and works out with the rest of the kids while I do the group class. It feels good to know that we are both working out and getting healthy together!

- Laura M.


These guys are awesome. Customer service is their number one priority from the moment you walk in there. The gym and the facility is brand new with lots of new equipment and lots of parking. I did personal training with Robert. He did an amazing job for me. He designed a specific meal plan for me and did the training according to my needs. The fee was very competitive compared to other training places that I have been to.

- PZ.


Finally I found a fun energetic and full body workout. Great trainers that kept me motivated. I like how the trainers modify the circuits to a beginner or advance level. No one stays behind. Age is only a number. Wolfpack meals are delicious. Outstanding job guys!

- Gloria A. 



Hi everyone, 

I just finished my 6 week challenge with Wolfpack! I think it was a great investment of my money because I lost 20pds in only 6 weeks! Everyone is supportive and encouraging. I didn't take advantage of their many perks but would recommend you do!

- Alma V.


One of the best experiences I've had at a gym. Staff is great! I started and finished the 6 week challenge. Definitely, found what I was looking for! 
1. I truly enjoyed the different workouts & the flexibility of the classes. Really appreciated that each trainer had their own style but still gave 100% in each class. 
2. I strive best in groups. So, I was motivated to get through the workouts and feel that satisfaction at the end! Felt guided & supported. 
3. Provided with an easy, comfortable meal plan. I'm not a "cook" but the meals were easy to make. 
I lost 20lbs! 
Would definitely recommend this gym.

- Ivonne C. 


It is hard to positively change your own life. And I'm not referring to the "no pain, no gain" idea when applied to self-development. I'm talking about this idea, "The greater the pain, the greater the gain." And usually we cannot make any noteworthy progress through that great pain for that great gain alone. That is why I decided to join WolfPack, because I would become part of a group of amazing people who would be pushed and molded under dedicated trainers. Not just for a summer body, mind you, but for much needed change physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

I was not in a strong place in body and spirit before joining WolfPack Fitness. But I can say without a doubt that after having joined, their devotion to my development, their oversight in my exercise, nutrition, rest, and their constant encouragement have helped me lose not just 20lbs, gain muscle, and improve my blood pressure. More importantly, they have helped me ditch my lack of focus, gain greater determination, and improve my self-discipline. I am a better man now. So if you want to be healthier and stronger in both your body and spirit, definitely consider partnering with WolfPack Fitness. They will never let you down.

- Anthony Hsu


I am way overdue for this review. I highly recommend this gym to anyone who really wants to see results. All the trainers are motivated to help us reach our full potential. Everyone is very welcoming and available to assist you at any time. This is no ordinary gym, even after attending class everyday, I find the workouts to be challenging. This is great, because that means you will continue to see results while building endurance. If you've been thinking of joining, sign up now!

- Gabriela Moreno


I’m very thankful for the support I received from the Wolfpack team. Their an awesome 👏team when it comes to motivation, fitness and health support! I recommend you give it a try specially if you can’t seem get together a plan to loose weight and you need someone to walk you through a new journey to a better and happier you!! 🤗Don’t hesitate! 💪💪

- Monica Sanchez


Great place, you have any questions they will answer them for you. They do their part with meal plans and class schedules, your part is follow the instructions and show up for a great work out. Recommended it to anyone.

- Tony Garcia



One of the best investments I've done in a while. Just finished my 6 week challenge with a total of 27lbs loss and 8% body fat loss as well. Had a GREAT experience from the people and of course the Trainers. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this place for ANYONE wanting to make a change and even for those of u that aren't trying to make a change JUST STOP BY AND TRY IT FOR A WEEK I GUARANTEE YOU'RE GONNA WANT TO MAKE THAT CHANGE... Walk in and tell them i sent you 😎💪💪💪

- Juan Alvarado 


Lost 26 pounds in 6 weeks with the help of wolfpack couldn't have done it if it wasn't for them because they push you to be a better stronger person.

- Elizabeth Rivera


Great experience! I tried the 6 weeks challenge, let me tell you it is definitely a challenge. It has all the results they tell you about! It’s worth the hard work you put in. I met some amazing people here that have motivated me to keep going and to trust the process. The trainers are great. Wonderful atmosphere, I won the challenge and I decided to keep going that how good this place is!!

- Audrey Pedroza



Joined the 6 week bootcamp. Great staff, clean facilities and the classes are kept interesting by the trainers that work hard to vary the routines. AAA+!!!

- Taka Urata


I did the 6 week challenge, I follow them on IG and seen their post they are very motivating. I wanted to join but I was scared to do it . Finally my friend randomly texted me and we decided to do it together. We did the boot camp classes the trainers push you to give it your all , they want you succeed. When I first started it was 9 months after having my baby . I gained a lot of weight and struggled with my confidence. I would only swear lose clothings and didn’t dress like myself nor act like myself anymore i got really depressed. After joining I started to gain my confidence back and I started to dress more like myself and felt my confidence coming back . There was times that I would get lazy to go to the class but I pushed myself to go anyways because I was seeing results and I loved that I was starting to fit into my clothes and was acting more like myself each day . The trainers are all great very motivating and helpful. I had a shoulder injury so they helpful do the work outs without hurting my shoulder . They help correct the posture if you doing incorrect, if you are anything like me and feel completely lost at the gym they give the guidance that you need to succeed . I highly recommend this gym

- Melody Marine

Best gym, best trainer rob. Really happy with everything this gym has to offer, really is a live changing experience.

- Justin Bautista



I love this gym so much it help a lot I notice I lose weight but the price is alittle bit high but worth it only if you take it seriously to lose weight

- Johnny Gutierrez


It's the best fitness place I've been to. From the first day they take care of you, they offer you food plans and classes (bootcamp) that will give you the best of you every day, especially VERTE and FEEL GOOD! 🤗😍🤭they are all highly trained ... they know what they do! They are great and everyone treat you wonderfully. It's worth every dollar you invest ...

Es el mejor lugar de fitness en el que he estado. Desde el primer día te cuidan, te ofrecen planes alimenticios y clases (bootcamp) que te haran dar lo mejor de ti cada día, sobre todo VERTE y SENTIRTE BIEN! 🤗😍🤭todos estan altamente capacitados...saben lo que hacen! Son geniales y todos te tratan de maravilla. Vale la pena cada dolar que inviertes...

- Vivell Martinez


WolfPack fitness is more than a gym, can’t compare it to anything. Since high school I’ve struggled with diets, home workout programs and gyms. Nothing worked for me, UNTIL I stumbled upon the Wolfpack family and changed my life. It sounds dramatic but it’s 100% true. I went in just wanting to loose weight but came out with much much more. I lost 6.3% of body fat and went down 6 sizes. 
I have energy all day long and now that I see changes I strive for more. I’m not even close to being done, the best part is that once the 6 weeks is over the Wolfpack family doesn’t end there, they continue to push you and motivate you. If you’re ready for change, Wolfpack fitness is the perfect option. You won’t regret it, I know it didn’t!!!!

- Melissa Soto



Positive environment, friendly people, great trainers; a great spot to workout. Bootcamp Training Classes available at convenient times. I'm doing the 6 week Challenge and I'm excited to say they are keeping me focus and guiding me through every step. If I have any questions, they are available via email, text, and social media. I highly recommend Wolfpack Fitness.

- Rosie Castellanos



Yesterday was my first day and first workout at Wolf Pack Fitness. I just started my six week challenge journey. I want to be my very best for my 58th birthday in September. I think the manager and the staff that I've met so far they've been very friendly, extremely helpful, and accommodating❗️

- Joel Reta