Wolfpack Fitness Bootcamp and Open Gym Guidelines, Procedures, and Policy Updates


Your health and wellness has always been our main priority here at Wolfpack Fitness, even more so now than ever before.


Here are the guidelines, procedures, and policies we are implementing toward our Bootcamp and Open Gym memberships at Wolfpack Fitness:


  1. We will limit our session times to 45min + 10min to cleanup. This will allow us to remain in compliance with the CDCs 6’ physical distancing and keep control of our capacity. 

  2. Mandatory Reservation & Schedule

    1. Please use your Zen Planner Member App to schedule your session time. If you dont have access to the app please let us know immediately through text message at 626-478-2005. You will not be permitted to enter the facility without reserving your time through the app. If you have a bootcamp membership that allows for 6 classes per week it also includes open gym for an additional 6 sessions per week. Both class options must be scheduled through your Zen Planner Member App a minimum of 1 hour in advance.

    2. Class capacity will be a maximum of 12 bootcamp members and open gym access will be available for a maximum of 7 members per scheduled time.

    3. All scheduled sessions must be booked a minimum of 1 hour before each session and no more than 3 days in advance. Your Zen Planner Member App will not allow you to book your workout sessions outside of these parameters and we will not allow last minute scheduling or walk-ins. DO NOT Call/Text/or Email our facility or staff if you fail to book your class/ session on time. This is your responsibility to book in a timely manner.

    4. Please stick with your scheduled time as we are on a tight schedule and need to be considerate of other clients coming in before or after you. If you can not make a your scheduled time please cancel it a minimum of one our in advance. DO NOT Call/Text/or Email our facility or staff if you fail to cancel your class/ session on time. This is your responsibility to cancel in a timely manner. Stay Consistent. DO NOT BOOK A SPOT AND NOT SHOW UP. This is unfair for others who would like to attend. If you book a time and do not show up this will be considered a "No Show". All members both Open Gym and Bootcamp that book sessions or classes and do not show to your scheduled time will be charged a "no show" fee of $8 per occurrence and have that session docked from your weekly, monthly, or class pass session/class count. Lets all work together and be fair to our fellow members by committing to your time. If you signup for a waitlist time please keep a lookout for your email confirmation and email acceptance into the class it will confirm your acceptance a minimum of 1 hour before the time reserved. If accepted into a class from the waitlist it is your responsibility to attend your session on time at the scheduled time. DO NOT Call/Text/or Email our facility or staff if you can not attend or fail to cancel your class/ session on time. This is your responsibility to cancel in a timely manner. All waitlisted members both Open Gym and Bootcamp that get accepted into a class/session and do not show to your scheduled time will be charged a "no show" fee of $8 per occurrence and have that session docked from your weekly, monthly, or class pass session/class count. All members must ensure you are checked in, please ask a trainer to check you in on the app to avoid any "no show" fees. Review your member app when you walk in to ensure you were properly checked in by our staff.

    5. No members will be allowed in the gym no more than 5min before your scheduled time or be allowed to stay after your scheduled time. You are permitted to come in 5 minutes early to warm up and stretch ONLY. Please check in with trainer prior to working out.

    6. Must remain outside and line up along the window at the dedicated numbers before your reserved session time. Please make sure you check in with your trainer as soon as you walk into the facility.

    7. Please come on time and ready to workout at your scheduled time.

    8. There will be minimal time to change prior to your workout. Please come ready to workout to utilize your schedule time efficiently.

    9. Bootcamp Members: Upon entering the facility, please go to the designated area that has been set up for your bootcamp session and lay down your towel or yoga mat. The equipment you need for your session will be waiting for you. Please bring with you all of your belongings and set them down next to your training area.

    10. All Members: please observe the social distancing guidelines and do not congregate closely with fellow members inside the facility or in the staging area or other areas in the parking lot.

  3. New Entry and Exit Procedure

    1. Bootcamp Members The FRONT door will be for entry only and we will ask you to leave through the far door in class area. This will allow us to know who is walking in the facility and we can begin the process of checking you in at our checkin table. Additionally we need to ensure we can control capacity at all times. If your membership is eligible for Open Gym and you decide you want to also book Open Gym before or after your Bootcamp class you must still leave the facility at the end of the hour to lineup for checkin at the front door. (ex. you are taking a bootcamp class and once it is finished you must walk outside and line up again to be checked in for Open Gym, do not just walk into open gym). No walk-ins allowed all reservations must be done a minimum of one hour before desired time.

  4. Hand Washing / Sanitizing/ Temperature/ Physical Distancing

    1. Upon Entering every member will be asked to wash your hands and disinfect your shoes with the cleaning solution.

    2. Upon entering every member will have access to hand sanitizer and may use as needed throughout their session.

    3. Temperature will be taken with a contactless infrared thermometer. Your temperature must read below 100.4°F to be admitted into the facility. If you are above then you will be asked to go home.

    4. Free Towel service for equipment cleaning this is now mandatory to use. You may choose to bring your own towel as well to use on your body and face. You will notice that we have strategically placed sanitizer solution at every single machine through our facility and will be asking each and every member to make sure that your equipment is clean before and after each use.

    5. Please follow the signage throughout our facility that pertains to all physical distancing and cleaning standards.

    6. Facemasks are to be brought in with you for your session and are recommended to be worn when coming in close contact with others. However this is a recommendation and not Mandatory (per LA County Guidelines for Gyms) we do understand your concerns if you choose not to wear a mask and will ask you to please use social distancing and be cautious of others and your surroundings.

    7. Staff Members will be required to wear face masks at all times.

    8. If you need to use the restroom during your session, please observe the sanitation guidelines found on the restroom door. It is important that all surfaces touched are wiped down with the provided cleaning materials. If the restroom is in use, please wait in your training area until the restroom is available.

  5. Deep Cleaning and Sanitizing

    1. While we take pride in maintaining a super clean and safe facility, we have added additional steps to keep us all safer. The gym will be sanitized (equipment and floors) prior to morning and evening sessions and after use by our training staff.

    2. We will expect every member to participate in assisting by sanitizing the equipment they used at the end of the session or use of equipment. Do not put your equipment back in it’s place until it has been sanitized.

    3. While some of these practices are nothing new (we’ve always cleaned on a daily basis and we’ve always preached about wiping equipment after every use), we just want to emphasize our level of commitment to your health and safety.

  6. Sharing of Equipment Strictly Prohibited

    1. Everyone has their own pieces of equipment and no sharing will be allowed during sessions.

    2. If for some reason the need arises (barbells/benches), the equipment must be sanitized before equipment changes hands.

  7. Members AND trainers will be required to stay at home if they show any signs or symptoms of COVID-19

    1. Symptoms include dry cough, fever, lethargy, body aches/pains, chills, nasal congestion, runny nose, sore throat, vomiting, and/or diarrhea.

  8. General Health Notice – to be 100% clear, we don’t want you sick and if you are, we definitely don’t want you sharing. So please, err on the side of caution and do your part in making sure everyone gets the chance to stay healthy. Please, stay home as needed.


These are our current guidelines, procedures, and scheduling policy. These are subject to change as information and State mandates are eased or restricted.