Sadly, we will be keeping our doors closed as mandated by the State of California and United States Government until further notice. 


Your health and fitness continues to be our number one priority. Just because we are unable to train in-facility that doesn’t mean our journey to better health and wellness ends here. Our team has worked hard to bring together an at-home training program to keep us fit, healthy and strong during this challenging time we are all experiencing. Which we are so proud to see that many of our members have taken full advantage of this past week with our online sessions and meal planning.


Over the last week since our initial closure we have also spent countless hours having our online coaching app developed and is now live for members beginning TODAY! This exclusive membership app will host at-home workouts, nutritional guidance, goal tracking, and a wide range of additional resources based on current membership status. Accountability with coaches will also continue via Trainer Led Workouts released Monday through Friday at 7pm in our private Facebook Group  (Level 1, 2 & PT) and Live Sessions on Saturday Morning at 8am (Level 2 & PT). These sessions will stay live in our private member group to access at your convenience. Additionally we will be conducting weekly coaching calls on Sunday at 9am to ensure you are staying on track with your health and fitness goals (Level 2/ PT). Review our Current Member Online Training and Coaching Chart at the bottom of this email for further details.


All memberships will be automatically rolled across to our new remote-based online training/coaching as of today, and your payment plan will continue as normal. 

-->All Open Gym members will receive Level 1 online training. 

-->All Bootcamp Members will receive Level 2 online training. 

-->All members on a current 6 week challenge will receive Level 2 online training until we reopen and will complete your remaining weeks of your program at that time. 

-->All Personal Training clients will receive Level 2 online training and additional programming within the app that can be done with your rented equipment at home.


We look forward to continue working with you during the Stay at Home Mandate! Stay healthy! A strong and healthy immune system is our best defense.


Yours in Health,


Robert Romo & Wolfpack Fitness Team



Please join our private Facebook Group HERE for access to trainer led workouts, workout tips, advice on all things training, nutrition and recovery, and weekly coaching calls. It’s our awesome Wolfpack Fitness Family, supporting eachother and having fun virtually. 


Please click HERE to schedule a time to rent equipment from our facility for FREE we will be providing a set of dumbbells, kettlebell, and weighted plate. We will provide this while supplies last please to don't hesitate to schedule a time. If you have your own equipment please be considerate of other members that do not have any and do not request equipment rental.


Please click HERE to access your training app account registration. Once you create an account you will be prompted via email to download our app which will include workouts (Home/Gym), Meal Planning, Daily/Weekly Accountability, and Result Tracking. Feel free to navigate through it and if you have any questions use the message center inside your app.


*All Current Members will receive FREE enrollment in our upcoming

"Fit From Home"6 Week Challenge beginning March 30th, 2020*